Founded in 1887, the Peters Cartridge Company was one of the nation’s largest suppliers of ammunition. Built along the Little Miami River, the factory’s structures went up starting in the late 1800’s, with renovations, re-buildings, and additions finishing in 1919.

Well-known ammunition company Remington took over the factory in 1934, then in 1944 it was transformed into a record-making facility when it was bought by Columbia  Records. Seagram distillers also used it as warehouse space for a time before it was abandoned in 1968.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, it was eventually redeveloped and reopened in 2021. The site and its buildings were beautified and reimagined into an expanse of wide-windowed apartments anchored by a local craft brewery.

Wojan Window & Door provided over 350 4500 Series fixed and 4600 Series projected windows in a variety of configurations, all with a bronze 2603 finish.

History of the development from Abandoned Spaces: Peters Cartridge Factory Opening as Apartments

Photography by Phil Armstrong for Cincinnati Refined: Inside the Industrial Apartments Bringing the Peters Cartridge Factory Back To Life