Wojan's Quality Commitment

At Wojan Window & Door, customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and to this end, we have in place quality programs and processes aimed at accomplishing this each and every day. These include:

  • NAMI (National Accreditation & Management Institute) and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) registered in Building Industry in accordance with international guidelines set forth in ISO/IEC 17065 and 17020
  • Our Approach to Quality Statement is posted throughout the company. It poses two simple questions:
    • Is my customer going to be happy with my work?
    • Will this window or door help us get repeat business?
  • Our Quality System is guided by a Quality Manager certified by the ASQ (American Society for Quality) with over 30 years of experience in successfully implementing quality systems recognized as the best in class and complying with international quality standards
  • Work Instructions and Visual Aids guide and instruct operators to ensure compliance with product design parameters
  • Critical Processes Measured and Posted in Work Cells actively display compliance to process parameters and encourage operators to perform their best
  • Internal Auditing System with monthly and quarterly reporting to Production Management to maintain quality system compliance and awareness
  • Corrective Action System utilizing 5-Why methodologies to ensure thorough problem solving and preventive action response to internal as well as customer concerns
  • Wojan is a member of the Northern Michigan Lean Learning Consortium through Northwestern Michigan College; a support network comprised of individuals and organizations in our region dedicated to learning, implementing and teaching lean management practices

These actions combined with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff help support our pledge that our products and services will meet or exceed our customer's expectations.