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Wojan windows and sliding glass doors deliver the quality and value that you require, while offering the energy efficiency and durability that you demand.

NEW!  2125 and 2140 Series Sliding Glass Doors

NEW!  M1500 Double-Hung Tilt Windows

All Wojan window and door products contain mechanically locked thermal barrier profiles using the Azon® Azo-Brader™ method and are warrantied against failure caused by dry shrinkage or fracturing of the thermal barrier for a period of 10 years.
Azon® Warranty Details
About Azon® Thermal Barrier

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Types AAMA Class
at Gateway Size♥
AAMA Class Information
Frame Depth Glazing
M-950 Series
Single-Hung AW50 3 1/4" 1" IGU
Fixed AW80
Horizontal Slider* CW50
AW Horizontal Slider (single vent) AW40
Blast: Single-Hung AW50 4 3/4"
with clip, factory applied
Blast: Fixed AW80
Hurricane Impact: Single-Hung AW50 3 1/4"
Hurricane Impact: Fixed/Fixed AW50
Blast/Hurricane: Single-Hung AW50 4 3/4"
with clip, factory applied
Blast/Hurricane: Fixed/Fixed AW50
M-85 Series
Single-Hung CW30 2 3/4" nominal ¾" IGU
Single-Hung over Louver CW30
Horizontal Slider C50, CW35, CW30
Horizontal Slider over Louver C50, CW35, CW30
Fixed CW65 (NAFS '11) 1" IGU
Fixed over Louver CW65 (NAFS '11)
Hurricane Impact: Fixed CW65 (NAFS '11)
M1500 Series
Double-Hung Tilt  NEW! CW30 3 1/4" 7/8" IGU
M-750 Synergy³ Series
Triple Glazed-Double Sash:
Horizontal Slider

(single vent, end vent)
C50, CW35, CW30 5" ¾" IGU Exterior,
Single Glazed Interior
Triple Glazed-Double Sash: Fixed HC50 1" IGU Exterior,
Single Glazed Interior
M-66 Series
Internal Storm: Horizontal Slider* n/a 2 1/8" HS SS DS,
3/16" Single Glazed
Internal Storm: Fixed
DEFCON Blast Series
Blast: Project-Out Awning AW65 3 1/4" 1" IGU
Blast: Project-Out Casement AW70
Blast: Fixed AW70
4500 Series
Project-In Hopper AW70 (NAFS '11) 2 3/8" 1" IGU
Project-In Awning n/r
Project-In Casement n/r
Fixed AW100 (NAFS '11)
Blast: Fixed AW70 (NAFS '11) 3 7/8"
with clip, factory applied
4600 Series
Project-Out Awning AW65 (NAFS '11), HC65 2 3/8" 1" IGU
Project-Out Casement AW70 (NAFS '11)
Blast: Project-Out Awning AW65 (NAFS '11)

3 7/8"
with clip, factory applied

Blast: Project-Out Casement AW70 (NAFS '11)
Sliding Glass Doors
2125 Series  NEW! LC25 3 1/2" 3/4" IGU
2140 Series  NEW! LC40
2500 Series LC25 4 3/4" 1" IGU
2600 Series CW40
2800 SeriesΔ CW55
2700 Series Transom/Sidelite AW80

All products, with the exception of the M-66 Internal Storm, have a thermal barrier.

A variety of polyester and 2-coat Kynar® finishes are available, plus anodizing. Non-standard colors with minimum order.
* M-950, M-85 and M-66 horizontal sliding configurations available in 2-panel single-vent; and 3-panel center or end vent.

Δ 2800 Series performance values pending.
♥ Many window ratings can be increased by downsizing the window and determining maximum performance either through testing or calculation. Contact your Wojan sales representative or our office for details.