Recommended Windows for Mid-Rise/High-Rise Buildings

M-950 Series 4500/4600 Series 2500/2600 Series
With a deeper frame at 3¼" and the advantage of having undergone rigorous life cycle testing, the M-950 Series offers a higher-performing product with design flexibility and a variety of installation systems. The slimmer frame on the 4500 and 4600 Series of projected windows offers an alternate product that maintains the strength advantages of high-performing AW and HC rated product. Get design flexibility through a number of configurations, along with varied installation options. Suitable for mid-rise buildings, the 2500 and 2600 Series is a durable, well-performing line of Sliding Glass Doors that incorporate the newest technologies and engineering for high-traffic commercial buildings.
Featured project: Mixed-use high-rise - Downtown Chicago, IL
Product installed: 4600 Project-out Awning