Life Cycle Testing

Life cycle testing is optional on R, LC and CW rated products, but required for all AW rated products due to the increased stresses the product will encounter.

Steps of Life Cycle Testing for the Architectural Window (AW) AAMA Rating

Testing   Testing the Window for Air Infiltration, Water Penetration, Uniform Structural & Operating Force

Cycle Test including Misuse   Comprised of both use and misuse operations that are completed many, many times to simulate approximately 7 years of use in the span of a day

Thermal Cycling  Cycles of extreme temperatures ranging from 0° to 180° F

Uniform Structural @ Design Pressure

Re-Testing   Repeat Air Infiltration, Water Penetration & Operating Force: Windows must pass the criteria accomplished the first time through

Uniform Structural @ 1.5 Design Pressure

Advantages of AW-Rated Aluminum Windows

  • For Heavy Use and Durability; Longer Life; Highest Performance Levels
  • Ensures Better Products
  • Promotes Long Term Performance
  • Exposes Imposters
  • Raises Performance Levels
  • Minimizes Liability
  • Ensures the Best Products for your application
  • “Green” – Aluminum has Recycle Capabilities