4500/4600 Integral Nail Fin


The integral nail fin provides a complete exterior weather-barrier as part of the fixed window frame.

  • Integral to all 4 sides of the exterior fixed window frame.
  • Not an “add-on” piece; no seam caulking required.
  • Less costly because there is no applied nail fin needed.
  • Reduces the risk and chance of exterior water penetration.
  • Installation is simple. Seal behind the nail fin, butter the corners, and fasten through the nail fin.
  • Ability to connect with other Wojan nail fin products. Factory applied or field applied.
  • Available on all 4500 and 4600 Series products.

All window master frames feature pour and debridge polyurethane thermal breaks with a 10-year warranty against failure of the polymer. This eliminates total severe cold weather transfer from the exterior, which causes interior condensation.

Sill Cross-Section on the 4500 Series Fixed Window

4500 Series Fixed Head Detail with Integral Nail Fin

4500 Series Fixed Jamb Detail with Integral Nail Fin

4500 Series Fixed Sill Detail with Integral Nail Fin