Blast Testing

Provisions for windows to be blast-resistant or blast-mitigating are critical to military, governmental and other buildings that could be targets of deliberate bombings, or for buildings of manufacturers that may see an accidental blast event.

A blast shockwave can either be simulated with an air blast test or can be recreated using a live field arena test using the actual explosives that the window is designed to resist. Once the shockwave encounters the window, debris may fly into the building that could cause injury. The blast-mitigating window system is designed to resist this result by having special laminated glass and highly engineered anchorage of the window to the window opening to keep the window itself from becoming one large piece of debris that could cause injury.

M-950 Single-Hung Shock Tube Test (0:20)
Air Blast Test (0:20)

M-950 Single-Hung Window Shock Tube Test (0:20)


Air Blast Test Video (0:20)