Air/Water/Structural Performance Testing

This test measures air leakage through the window itself. Wojan tests to AAMA 101 which has an allowable air infiltration rate of 0.30 cfm/ft². The IECC's section C402.4.3 has a maximum or allowable rate of 0.20 cfm/ft², with the exception of the AW class which has a maximum or allowable rate of 0.30 cfm/ft².

While Wojan tests to AAMA 101, all of our products actually do meet the IECC C402.4.3 requirement for Air Infiltration, with the exception of the 2100 and 2800 patio doors, which have Air Infiltration rates of 0.21 cfm/ft².

Water resistance measures how much at least 4 gallons of water per square foot of window is resisted by the window at a given percentage of the design pressure. 15% for R, LC and CW, and 20% for AW.

Water Resistance Test at Architectural Testing, Inc.

Structural ratings are comprised of two parts: deflection measurements and overload pressure.

  • Deflection measurements: The window is loaded to the design pressure and the amount of deflection at the center of the mullion is measured. For R & LC products, this is a report only measure. For CW & AW rated windows, due to the higher structural stresses that the product will encounter, there is a limit to the amount the window can deflect. It is expressed in L/175, where L is the length of the mullion.
  • Overload pressure: Once the first portion of structural testing is complete, overload testing to 1.5 times the design pressure is done. While deflection measurements are measured, they are report only, but the window must still stay intact without major deformation and be in working condition after testing is complete.